Healing Aromatics

What are essential oils? They are naturally occurring compounds found in flowers, stems, roots, and the bark of plants. These oils all have distinct aromas. Essential oils are used for health-care practices, food preparation, and beauty treatment. Essential oils can be used for a large range of emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness applications as a single oil or a blend of oils.

Why use Healing Aromatics products? Our powerful essential oils are gathered from perfect farm-grown plants and herbs, which help our loving customers experience our synergistic blends “To Create The Perfect Day!” Our expertly-assembled blends make it easy for you to choose the perfect aromatherapy essential oils that may suit your individual needs.

How to use Healing Aromatics products? It’s easy! Simply apply to pressure points on the body, such as temples, the base of the neck, inside of the wrists, bottoms of the feet, ankles, behind the ears, and over vital organ areas, abdomen, upper back, inflammation areas, and achy areas.